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All foreign citizens and persons without citizenship need a Russian visa according to the valid documents proving their identity to enter the Russian Federation. The basis for execution of the Russian Federation visa for foreign citizens is officially issued invitation depending on a purpose of visit.

We can assist you in obtaining tourist and business invitations.

According to the rules established by the Federal law, each foreign citizen planning a business trip to the Russian Federation are obliged to obtain the business visa which allows the entry to the Russian Federation for a certain period of the purpose of the company’s commercial interests representation. The business visa for foreign citizens is executed on the basis of the business invitation.  

Business invitations                                 Turnaround time within 30 days       
Multi valid up to 3 month 3 500 rub
Multi valid up to 12 month 4 100 rub


Required documents for business invitation:

  • - Passport copy
  • - A completed form with the required information:

  1.  Full Name (write in Russian and Latin letters exactly as in passport) date of birth, passport number, citizenship
  2.  Place of work (write in Latin letters, address, position)
  3.  The multiplicity of visa, purpose of visit
  4.  The exact dates of entry and exit
  5.  Cities to be visited in Russia (maximum 5)
  6.  Place of visa (country, city), where is The Russian Consulate or Embassy is a foreign establishment


Tourist visa is executed on the basis of tourist invitation - voucher. Tourist visa is required for citizens traveling to the Russian Federation, as tourists and for cultural, entertainment, recreational purposes. 

Tourist Invitation    Turnaround time 1 working day     
Single valid up to 1 month                          1 500 rub


Required documents for tourist invitation:

  • -A completed form
  •  Passport copy 
  •  hotel booking


Note that when you make a tourist invitation, filling date should not be considered!

* ATTENTION! Information may vary over time due to possible changes in legislation.